Protect Your Oral Health With Tooth Extractions

In a procedure wherein one or more teeth are removed from a patient’s mouth, tooth extractions are often required when a tooth has been damaged by decay, infection, or trauma. At Winter Springs Family Dental, we're happy to offer this service to patients who require it.

How do I know if I need a tooth extracted?

In many cases, tooth extraction is recommended when the damage to the affected teeth can no longer be repaired with restorative treatments like fillings or crowns. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your jaw due to an infected tooth, your dentist may suggest having it extracted.

Other scenarios that call for a tooth extraction include:

  • Severe crowding or misalignment of teeth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that are causing other teeth to shift out of alignment
  • Teeth affected by advanced gum disease
  • Removal of extra teeth prior to braces treatment.

What can I expect during a tooth extraction?

At Winter Springs Family Dental, we make sure to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our patients during any procedure. Before the extraction, your dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the area around the affected tooth. Depending on the complexity of your case, they may also use general anesthesia or sedation dentistry so that you won’t feel any pain during the procedure.

What aftercare is necessary following tooth extraction?

The aftercare instructions provided by your dentist will depend on the complexity of the extraction. Generally, you'll be advised to keep your mouth clean and regularly rinse it with a warm salt water solution. It is also important to follow all instructions given by your dentist in order to ensure that the wound heals properly.

Do you have questions about this procedure or do you suspect you may need a tooth removed? Call our friendly team today!


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